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TN Duroc

Terminal Boar

The sons of Norway landed in the USA.

TN Duroc. Naturally robust and feed efficient.

As Topigs Norsvin, we believe in the responsible production of affordable, nutritious, and delicious pork. We believe our new product is the promise where we can deliver just that.

Our purebred Duroc boar has real Viking roots, originated from Norway. For producers looking for the combination of production efficiency and pork quality suitable for Japanese export.

Key strengths

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Greater throughput & lower feed costs

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More pigs
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Higher %
prime pork

Meat quality

My story

The story of TN Duroc started with our purebred Duroc populations in Canada, Sweden, and Denmark. In the 1990s, we added meat quality to the selection index and created the Norsvin Duroc.We started producing Norsvin Duroc on a larger scale, and in 2014 we added genomic selection to our breeding program.

This led to a boar with excellent feed efficiency and meat quality, bred in high health conditions. In 2019, we took the first step to fulfill our dream to breed the ultimate Duroc. Our unique CT scanning technique helped to speed up genetic progress.

We could test the first boars in 2020 and were amazed by the results on robustness, feed efficiency and meat quality. Now we are proud to launch TN Duroc. TN Duroc is naturally robust and feed efficient.

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